Connecting Your Way to Your Dream Job

The Challenge

Getting in Front of The Right People

Wiseful, in a nutshell, is an 1871 startup who is on a mission to create virtual calls with Insiders at top companies for 1:1 career advice, interview prep, and introductions. Formally known as Nexplay they needed to create a new look while keeping in touch with their original core values and goal to advance people’s careers.


Career Coaching


Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Social Media, Email Marketing.

The Solution

Work and Play

Let’s face it. Job searching is nerve-wracking to say the least. Which is why it was important that we created a brand image that leaned more on the fun, non intimidating side of making connections while landing a job versus an experience you would find on LinkedIN. Thus, we created a series of reusable shapes in a style toolkit that would be useful for a startup.

The Process

Trial and Error

We came to Wiseful with a total of 3 creative directions. Here you can check out the 2 they did not move forward with but we thought were worth showcasing here. Each option showcased illustrated elements to make connecting with insiders feel approachable. Before we created these looks we asked Wiseful to provide us with 3 brand words they stand by. They were: Professional, Playful, and Empathetic.


Vibrant and Uplifting

Using a wide range of vibrant hues we established an uplifting tone. We created a color palette that lends itself to abundant opportunities for pairings in the fun variety of shapes we included in the style tool kit.

The Solution

Email Blast off in 3...2...1!

To get Wiseful started we kicked off a few emails including an announcement email, a templated insiders email, and a more informational email to explain how Wiseful works. These emails enabled Wiseful to cast a wider net more quickly to reach their audience while also landing more individuals at top companies.

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