Modernizing how people manage their commercial units

The Challenge

HVAC Shouldn’t be difficult

Ravti has one mission: Simplify the way people manage their commercial units. It only seemed fitting that we created a simplified website design to match.


HVAC / Tech


Branding, Copywriting, Naming for sub-brand, Logo Design, Web Design.

The Solution

Fine Art Meets Modern Tech

Inspired by the Bauhaus Movement, the minimal shapes we design represent form and function. Much like how Ravti ensures the functionality that brings building managers peace of mind. These shapes also represent building blocks to create architectural forms to emulate the types of buildings Ravti serves.

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The Logo

Representing Values

The 4 colored circles used to build the logo represent Ravti’s 4 main values:

1. Inventory Tracking
2. Tenant Compliance
3. Procurement Software
4. IoT Device - This allows remote capabilities within the HVAC world

The Process

Trial and Error

We presented Ravti with 3 different creative directions. Here you’ll find the two options they did not move forward with. Each option included illustrated elements to show a more playful side of tech in HVAC. Since most of these commercial buildings are standard in nature, photography alone would not have done this brand justice. In collaborating with Ravti we asked them to come up with three brand words. In the end they chose: Innovative, Strong, and Modern.


The Solution

A Tech With No Name

Ravti came to us with their new IoT device and asked us to name it. We landed on the name Insight. This simple name works on a few different levels. It’s not “On-Site” because you don’t have to be. But we provide the same amount of insight into your units without the typical amount of physical involvement.

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