Party planning automated

The Challenge

Get this: The average party takes about 5 separate errands.

A Gathr party takes none. Gathr helps you plan a party with just a few clicks and gives you total control by giving you the ability to choose your experience and add-ons from local vendors. So we were tasked with creating a platform that stuck out from competitors such as AirBnB while maintaining a fun and not stressful experience.


Event Planning startup


Branding, Web Design, Email Marketing, Paid Ads, Direct Mail, Print Collateral, Social Media, Web design.

The Solution

A user interface that’s simple and fun

We helped Gathr launch in 2 cities with an interface that enables users to get started by choosing the mood they want to go for.


Secret to Success: Paid Ads & Growth Hacking

Through the use of social ads we ran campaigns targeted towards different personas we created as well as people planning parties around three themes:


A Party They Won’t Forget

We received nothing but positive feedback from Gathr customers! Our efforts to define Gathr from the UX to the branding had paid off in a big way with customers ringing praises such as “A hassle-free party” and “From the idea of the party to the last guest leaving, everything was so easy.”

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