Modern play for modern families

The Challenge

Pivoting during a pandemic

The founders got their start creating custom furniture for a once booming restaurant industry in Chicago. With more parents working from home and families spending more time together than ever, Ever saw an opportunity. Creating children’s furniture that was meant to integrate into the home as a whole. We created a whole new brand from the ground up driving home the fact that the furniture was created and built locally by families that were just like theirs. Adding this personal touch made the brand more approachable and made the customer feel like family friends.


Ecommerce Retail startup


Branding, Email Marketing, Shopify Web Design & Development, Marketing, and Brand Photography.



ever playing, ever learning, and working from home

Unlike our other Ever Play products which are just fine on their own, the Easy-E Easel needs The Chief Climbing Triangle as a stand, purchase them both together for endless creative play of all forms!

Shop the Chief Climbing Triangle

Benefits for Kids

  • Increased motor skill development, balance and control

  • Physical activity now for calm and settled later

  • Framework for muscle development

  • Sharpens mental focus

  • Adjusts for age appropriate challenges

  • Less screen-time

  • Imagination with no boundaries

  • Engaging solo or with a friend

  • Independent learning

Benefits for Adults

  • Sheer joy watching your child play

  • Release from worry and anxiety as your child safely tests and surpasses physical boundaries

  • Enjoy your coffee

  • Have an uninterrupted conversation with your partner or friend as your child plays

  • No eyesores—The Chief blends into any space; no cheap plastic or garish colors

  • Frustration-free set up, The Chief comes fully assembled

  • Optimize your hours—your child will nap longer or sleep later—he’ll be all tired out

Built with Care in the USA


20.5" W x 5"H x 32"L


Hardwood poplar dowels, blackened steel binding screws, and birch plywood. Our finish is water-based,  lead-free, no VOC's and completely non-toxic.


A brand system that’s familiar and comforting

Using textures you’d find in your home we created an emblem that acts as a badge for their family-owned business. In our web designs, we integrated interactive modules and hover features to give their customers a more elevated experience compared to their competitors. We also made sure to show off the soft child-safe finishes of wood Ever produces.


Growing Strong

Due to our marketing and design efforts Ever is growing at a steady pace. As a new brand and company we made sure to take the MVP approach providing tools and tricks for growth hacking as well as leveraging influencers. Not bad for growing from the ground up!

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